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Stanley Radtke

Attorney Stanley Radtke’s areas of expertise are immigration law, removal defense, and appellate work in both immigration and criminal defense. In addition, he practices in Social Security Disability Appeals and personal injury claims. Mr. Radtke is a published author for his law review articles which have been cited by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
Attorney Radtke is highly regarded in his areas of practice and as a child of immigrants he understands the importance of having good representation in the legal system.

Jaime D. Mira

Attorney Jaime Mira is the Founder and Managing Attorney at the Mira Law Group. His areas of expertise are immigration law, removal defense, criminal defense, Civil litigation, and personal injury. As an immigrant himself, Attorney Mira fulfills his American dream by helping his clients work towards achieving their own American dream every day. Attorney Jaime Mira does not shy away from challenging cases and fights for his clients with determination, grit, and compassion. 

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