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Gathering Evidence to Support Your Marriage before USCIS

The importance of submitting solid evidence when applying for your green card through a bona fide marriage cannot be underestimated. Beyond the marriage certificate, USCIS is looking for tangible evidence that demonstrates a genuine commitment. To accomplish this, there are two critical moments in the process:

1. Filing the I-130 Application:

The initial application is the first point at which you can demonstrate the authenticity of your marriage. Don’t settle for a simple certificate; instead, compile evidence that paints a solid portrait of your relationship. Pictures over the years, communications, joint financial records and other documents that illustrate your commitment can strengthen your application.

2. Personal Green Card Interview:

The second opportunity to demonstrate your genuine marriage is the interview with USCIS. This is a crucial step and your opportunity to speak directly about your relationship. Be prepared for questions that demonstrate cohabitation, mutual understanding, and the intimate details of your relationship. While some questions may seem trivial, such as who sleeps on which side of the bed, your consistency in answers can reinforce your authenticity.

Key Types of Evidence:

  • Relationship History Over Time:

    Photos documenting your relationship at different stages, written communications and other documents showing your commitment over the years.

  • Financial:

    Sharing financial responsibilities strengthens your case. Joint bank accounts, joint tax returns and shared insurance are examples of evidence that can demonstrate your financial commitment.

  • Cohabitation:

    Evidence of living together, such as shared utility bills, joint leases and other documents that validate your coexistence.

  • Joint Parenting:

    If you have children together, birth certificates, legal custody documents, bank statements showing shared expenses for the children and evidence of your joint parenting are essential.

  • Shared Experiences:

    Evidence of activities as a couple, such as travel together, attendance at social events and participation in organizations.

  • Affidavits:

    Written testimony from friends, family and colleagues that can validate your relationship.

Compiling solid evidence may take time and effort, but it is essential to demonstrate your genuine marriage. Don’t be afraid of the interview; see it as an opportunity to show your authenticity. At Mira Law Group, we are ready to guide you through this process and provide you with the legal support necessary for a successful case.